Konpeki! page added, and wait… Paccy’s site!?

Konpeki! Cosmic Drama! Page

My latest VX project, Konpeki! Cosmic Drama! has now been added to the site’s pages! Check out the sypnosis here: https://azurecosmos.wordpress.com/projects/vx-konpeki-cosmic-drama/

More details can be found at the pages bar at the top of AC~!

Paccy and his WP plans

Paccy, most known as Pacman (I like his new nick btw), is now planning to open his own WP (wordpress) site sometime soon! Stay tuned for his blog!

I will still continue to post some of his scripts here, but you could always get direct updates from Paccy at his blog when it opens… opens.. opens. *echo*


News from the RM World

Ramiro + RMVXA and Yami World has now recognized Azure Cosmos as their parallel world!
Yanfly produces Elemental Pop-ups. Font colors for elements is never a visually ugly addition!
RMRK.net added Azure Cosmos as an external script site! Thank you Modern Algebra!


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One thought on “Konpeki! page added, and wait… Paccy’s site!?

  1. This pleases Pacman.

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