Troll-face meme, Level: ACE



Now your ACE Project can have a troll-face troll-portrait! U MAD?
RPG Maker Rage Comics might have some use for this… xD

I’ll be releasing resources eventually everyday, and I’ll start off with Konpeki! free resources! How’s that?


Something to look forward to…




News from the RM World

RPGmakerweb released the Hit the High Spots contest results! View the results HERE.
Kuku shares some Mack roof tileset recolors~
Yanfly releases another Lunatic Object Package script! This time it is called Give and Take. This will surely add more depth in battle customization. *Amazing*
Victor Scripts added Azure Cosmos as its parallel world (as resource!). Yes, this is news. ;3

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2 thoughts on “Troll-face meme, Level: ACE

  1. The more vivid VX sprites look great so far.

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