2010-11 Transition Pack revisited


"Hurricane", a sample transition from the pack

I have uploaded a pack with all my VX transition resources (BattleStarts) from 2010-11 to the site! Get the pack here.
The archive contains ~25 unique transitions, and they’re fully compatible with ACE as long as the screen size is default.

As you may or may not know, our friend Shanghai used these transitions for a past VX simple script for changing battle transitions! Just saying! I’m so prooooooud~

In addition to this, I have made new transitions not included in the pack, so stay tuned for updates.

News from the RM World

RMVX.net is hosting another game contest! The Winter theme is back, but this time, it’s back with a tragedy!
RMN is helding its first Mapping contest of the year.
Ramiro updates his battle system “with a BIG change”. How big…?
Yanfly prepares the Bat-signal, but it’s not a bat, it’s a buff and state manager! Get it? No?
This rage comic from Noob about going to bed fixing scripts caught my attention! I would say something different for the last panel though…
Kread-EX makes a script that switches self-switches back to normal and then switches into a new WP theme. This can prove to be useful wihen creating map puzzles!
Craze lives and creates his fifth script, Extra Enemy Actions. This is similar to Persona’s battle mechanics, where the enemy can get extra turns~

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