Sprite Outliner

Sprite Outliner Script 

This gimp script easily creates a black outline to a sprite — with less than 2 clicks.  However, it must be noted that the current version does not work well with bounded sprites as well as autotiles for example. This script works in RGB mode.


Outline sprites quick and easy.

News from the RM World

Yami is planning to remake CTB with a better design and a mechanic called Speed Rates. The proposed design/mechanic concept is pretty cool and is something to look forward to.

Molegato releases 2 new scripts! The first one is called Lateral characters. From the way I understand it, it allows a spritesheet to have a single walking animation with 8 frames, and it’s very nifty for games aiming for a side-view look. After a few hours, Molegato then creates a second script: Cut actions by element. It works akin to Persona’s “One more!” system. Molegato is working hard!

Lunara shares her sprites from the past! Let’s call it:
“Lunariffic Creations: A Luna to the Past”

Ramiro gives a Battleback Manager that allows changes to battlebacks by region through map tags.

Noob shares a comic about the Magical events. Sometimes events that fail work when you’re least expecting it. There might be an event inside an event. *EVENTCEPTION* O.O

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6 thoughts on “Sprite Outliner

  1. Looks useful.
    I outline A LOT of sprites (ask Ramiro) but I just selected the layer with the sprite, secondary click on the layer -> alpha to selection, then in the selection subsection, expand the selection by 1 pixel, and paint on it with the ‘below’ mode. Anyway with that script you can save some minutes when outlining lots of sprites, so it’ll be useful anyway.
    glad to see someone liking gimp. Im being forced to move to photoshop for drawings, but still use gimp for game graphics

    • Liking in GIMP? I’ve been using GIMP for the past ~6 years now because I dun have money for PS. I use a different method in gimp though. Select alpha, invert selection, new layer, fill with black, shrink selection by 1 pixel then delete. ;3

  2. Doubleposting for the win! (things that happen with the edit post ^^U)
    Glad to see a link for my script, though it’s for lateral characters, so it’s sideview. Maybe a top-view option could be interesting, though!

    • Thanks for clearing that out a bit! But still, we can use it with birds-eye\top-view type of sprites, right?

      • Well, for that I’d have to modify a bit the code, so the character rotates, instead of just mirroring horizontally.

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