Devil’s Protocol Battle System VX Video


Here’s my old project’s battle system. I used YEZ as base, and from there, I added numerous visual (JPN) scripts! Should I carry over this system to ACE? Does it look good right now? Do you have any suggestions, likes, or dislikes about it? Tell me; I’ll just leave it here (Video is in LQ):

News from the RM World

Paccy updates Change Fade Time and ports Woratana’s Neo Gauge script!

Molegato updates his CBS script called BASIMPLE battle system! With this update, we can now add unique graphics for command poses (item, defend, etc). The best thing I like with the system is the ability to simply control actor and enemy positions, whether they are on the usual side or mirrored.

Yami shares us how useful Netbeans can be for Ruby scripting. It’s an alternative to Notepad++ which most of us use. I think it’s worth trying out.

Yanfly updates ACE message system and embeds the best Hatsune Miku cosplay video! Interesting and weird at the same time, if you’d ask me.

Craze adds his sixth ace script called Regrowth Options. It’s definitely useful, as it brings more spice towards battle customization and battle strategies.

Noob rages the announcement regarding the recently released RM2k3 SDK with his comics!!! This one‘s my fav.

Alex Crosslight, from Atelier Cross, creates an Event Spawner script! Yes! I can work with my dungeon game now!

Kuku edits some Mack tiles and comes up with a Stonegate! This has some uses to me, and I hope it does to you as well.

Victor Sant uploads a video about his Animated Battle script! Oooooh… Visual Equips in battle, you got it!

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11 thoughts on “Devil’s Protocol Battle System VX Video

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  2. Me likes it.
    I’d make the hud a bit clearer, though. There’re a big bunch of changes over the interface as the turns go, and I think a more ‘static’ one could make the battles more relaxing for the poor neurons of challenged/crazy people/cats like myself.

  3. Thanks for the comment, molegato! Yeah, I’m actually torn about making the screen simpler or not. I’m aiming for a simpler interface! I guess I have to try your battle system~

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  6. Wow, it looks really fine!
    The gauges are simple and cute(Maybe a little too much)
    The interface is clean(But, I think a little very dynamic, and this is good actually)
    I loved it, and if you port and made it public, I should use for my second game 😛
    (Sorry for the really bad English, I’m spanish xD)
    Funciona bien, buenas barras…Quizas demasiadas, una interface dinamica y limpia, excelente!

  7. Im realy like battler style postion!! hehehe can I get the script? 😛 plezzz

  8. Tsunar

    Id like the script too D=
    and what script did you use to make the voices?

  9. Cherry

    Amg I would love this on ACE ;A;

  10. Kinan

    Is this script getting ported to vx ace?
    Haven’t seen you posting stuff for a while, hope ur back soon!

  11. Unfortunately, since this battle system is a compilation of many RGSS2 scripts, I might not the time to port it in ACE.

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