Konpeki Character Select Screen

Character Select video based on Moghunter’s VX script 🙂

Here’s a short footage from my latest vx game’s character selection screen.
I based it off from Moghunter’s character select script @ atelier-rgss.

Lack of Updates

I will still be busy looking for intership (On-the-job training), but I’ll probably be back in a week~!

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6 thoughts on “Konpeki Character Select Screen

  1. Looks interesting~
    If you look closely to the description window when changing character, you get a bit dizzy, but then again, I think I’m the only person doing such weird things…
    Looking forward to see more about your project!

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  4. Sly

    Are you going to release this?

    Because this looks very cool.

    • Check out my game, Konpeki Cosmic Drama! for VX. I left the project unencrypted so feel free to edit the scripts, as long as you give proper credit to moghunter and me if you’ll release it in public. Thanks!

  5. Look sexy ❤

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