It’s been a while


It’s been a while (3-4 months?) since I took a leave from Azure Cosmos and the whole RM scene. Still, expect me to slowly update things here at AC! I’m going to check and see what I’ve missed during my break.

Journey of the Five

Say, what did I work on these past few months? Although I did take a break from RPGmaker, I decided to work on something else non-RM. It’s called a FFT fan-made lol-patch entitled “Journey of the Five” created by Elric and friends at FFHacktics. I was accepted as part of the team as spriter\designer.


In Jot5, you play as Ramza, Cloud, Link, Snake, and Dante in a totally brand new adventure that takes place after the end of FFT (Eternal). A short DEMO has been released, featuring a whole new epic intro plus the first few scenes and battles. Jot5 will also feature tons of new sidequests and characters from other worlds, so stay tuned for the whole Ch1! In case you’re still wondering, take a gander at this video uploaded and voiced by Barren:

VanishMantle has his own version of the stream at — TWITCH.TV
You can learn more about Jot5 and the demo — HERE

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