[VX] Konpeki! Cosmic Drama!

The world of “The Azure” is consisted of seven known guilds, namely: Crimsondusk, Azuredawn, Maizenoon, Lilacnight, Slategale, Perzechrome, and Fallowithe. Each guild has its own society and culture, and each has its own distinct beliefs and policies. For almost 100 years, the world, or the cosmos, is dominated by the Slategale guild and was first lead by King Erielophim. During that time period, Slategale’s main policy is “Justice For All”, but it seemed to not be recognized by the other guilds because small-scaled propaganda movements were still occurring. However, there was a significant decrease of crime cases during the period. In Slategale’s tradition, if ever the current ruling king dies, the ruling guild must conduct a competition ‘fair for everyone’ throughout the cosmos. “There must be option for all”, it says.

Slategale conducted a competition called the “Grand Battle”, in which representatives from each guild can compete for guild dominance. But since Slategale had most of the power for over a century, the representatives from their guild became “too skillful” and “too lucky” for other representatives, thus making their representatives the eventual winner of the competition. It has been a winning tradition for Slategale.

NOW, that time has come once more.

With the demise of King Erielophim III, the title “King of all Kings” is now up for grabs!
The 7 guilds must send their representatives to the Grand Battle and compete for conquest and kinship!

To the representatives of Crimsondusk, Azuredawn, Maizenoon, Lilacnight, Slategale, Perzechome, and Fallowithe:
May the most worthy and the LUCKIEST win!

-Award-winning game!
-A new rad board game iso system crossed-over with RPG elements never seen before in VX!
-Unique isometric graphics style rarely used in RMVX games! Original franken portraits and sprites!
-Overly-ambitious game play! Great potential to be a phenomenal game~!
-Play up to 5 original playable characters! Every character has a story arc!
-Select your character with the awesome Character Selection screen!
-Play and compete with 3 other AI players!
-Animation Battle! 50+ custom-made animations for characters!
-And more…


5 thoughts on “[VX] Konpeki! Cosmic Drama!

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  2. dartdaman

    This game is awsome and i like it a lot. The board game style is different and great. I have one problem though I have the worst luck with this game. I would love to see this game finished.

  3. Thanks dartdaman! I am aware of the luck-based system the game currently has, and I’m going to fix it soon enough. ;3

  4. dartdaman

    a good idea is to add a difficulty system were the difficulty effects how much luck you have a harder difficulty less luck. I like how the luck is now but sometimes when you pick yourself back up it knocks you back down. example is i land on a boss square and get killed, next turn i rest, next turn i get chosen for a combat round while im low on health and die again, then i rest again and get half my money stolen by a bandit.

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