Pacman’s Scripts

Here are RGSS3\VXA scripts from our friend, Pacman, from!

  • Change Fade Time
  • “This script will alter the number of frames it takes to fade the screen in and out (with the default commands). This is done with a simple script call.”
  • Enemy Summon Skill
  • “This script allows you to make skills for enemies where they can summon or call additional enemies to the battlefield. This is NOT a summon skill that can be used by actors – it can ONLY be used by enemies.”
  • Change TP Display
  • This script allows you to change if TP is displayed throughout the game. You can also set actors to not have their TP gauges drawn in battle. This is useful if you have a character who doesn’t require TP.”

Visit his profile in rmrk:;u=16041
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